Will Conor McGregor wear boxing shorts in Mayweather vs McGregor

Will Conor McGregor wear boxing shorts or UFC shorts in the super fight?

Conor McGregor Fashion

What will Conor McGregor wear in the Mayweather vs McGregor super fight?

Conor gave a few hints to press during round 3 of their world tour in Brooklyn, NYC.

A reporter asked:
I’ve seen you in your Instagram posts wearing Nike, you HAD a Reebok deal, where are you with that?

Conor McGregor:

“We’re fielding offers at the moment”

“There’s offers on the table and we’re just trying out the gear, to see if I like the gear, is it a good fit? Does it feel good on? It’s got to be right”

“There’s a lot more gear involved in a boxing contest than my game.”

“We’re just in jocks in my game”

“Even the boxing shorts. I’m gonna figure what shorts I’m gonna wear, or even if I’m going to wear shorts, there’s a few things I’m thinking of”

Conor’s equipment contract is still open to new sporting brands.

Previously McGregor was signed with Reebok, who is also partnered with the UFC in a controversial deal. McGregor was independently signed to Reebok and is now “exploring other options“.

View part of the Mayweather vs McGregor world tour, NYC stop below: