Will Conor McGregor make weight? The big question nobody seems to be asking

Will "The Notorious" Make Weight, We'll Soon Find Out!

Conor McGregor Weigh in

It would be f*ck-up of Jon Jones proportions if Conor McGregor didn’t make weight for the Floyd Mayweather fight. It couldn’t possibly happen, or could it?

Well, the rumour flying around Vegas at the moment is that the Notorious One is really struggling to drop them pounds after bulking up with muscle over the past number of weeks. Even Floyd Mayweather has taken a shot at the Irishman, saying that he doesn’t think McGregor will make the weight.

Mayweather said: “I don’t think he’s gonna make the weight. Even if he does make the weight, that’s even better, but if he doesn’t make the weight, we’re still gonna fight. But it’s gonna be a heavy fine. Gimme that money.

This fight has come with numerous stipulations set out by Mayweather’s camp, so it’s no surprise that the weight issue is one of them.

In typical fashion, McGregor hasn’t taken these accusations lying down. He has responded to the rumour and fans of his will be delighted to know that his weight appears to be completely on track for the fight.

McGregor said: “Tell him to shut his fucking mouth. He knows nothing, fool of a thing.

Let him keep praying. Praying for weight. Praying for fatigue. Praying for me to take a back step. All he’s doing is praying but he’s praying to the new God of boxing.

It’s worth noting that Conor McGregor has never failed to make weight for a UFC fight. He weighed in for the Eddie Alvarez fight at 154.5lb. However, he has competed on many occasions at 145lb and that is where he famously defeated Jose Aldo.


So, if Mayweather is relying on McGregor either not making weight or being fatigued because of the cut, we would advise that he clutches at some other straws. Perhaps the 49 wins and zero losses fact would be a good place to start.

What we are saying is that Mayweather should be better than this. He shouldn’t need to refer to McGregor’s weight cut and camp. After all, he is facing a novice boxer who has never stepped into the ring in a professional bout.

However, we suppose he is facing Conor McGregor.

A man who has convinced the world that he can do the impossible. Who knows, he may have even convinced Floyd Mayweather of it too. This is going to be a hellish fight and one that gets more interesting by the minute.