Toronto press conference assessment – Mayweather taking heavy shots

MCGREGOR DOMINATES Round 2 of the World Tour

Mayweather Mcgregor Toronto

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“You didnt think he was gonna learn faster than anyone else?”

That was Coach John Kavanagh’s assessment after Conor McGregor ripped Floyd Mayweather to shreds in the second press conference on their world tour.

To be fair to Mayweather, many marked the first conference, which took place in Los Angeles, in his favour. He whipped out the old ‘Prettyboy’ moniker and caught the Irishman off-guard with the format of the show.

McGregor wasn’t helped by Showtime and their ass-kissing to Floyd, nor was he assisted by not being aware of the format, or the fact his microphone didn’t work.

McGregor Learning from LA

Mayweather took the LA presser on a score of 10-9, but he also awoke a beast; a man so competent on the microphone, he may be wishing that he never gave him the opportunity to speak in front of an audience.

After the first press conference, which left McGregor looking somewhat amateurish, the man from the Crumlin area of Dublin knew he had to up his game.

There were signs that he was coming into his own in the spat he had with Floyd Sr. after the LA conference, but nobody really expected his stomping performance in Toronto.

Buoyed by fan’s support in the Canadian city, McGregor took to the stage with a walk-out – unlike his awkward arrival in LA.

Mayweather Mcgregor New Poster

He raised the hype and then he delivered.

His first victim – a microphone on stage which was whacked out of the way. Next up, Showtime and their executives. This shot was deserved and most casual observers will be delighted that McGregor pointed out that they are pushing Floyd and fawning over him with the most obvious of crushes.

McGregor was like a master assassin who gives night classes in stand-up comedy. He was ripping Mayweather to shreds, with quips regarding the American’s current tax situation, his ability to read and his clothes.

When it came to Floyd’s turn on the mic, the crowd didn’t want to know. The truth of the matter is, he may call himself the A-side, but most of the audience weren’t there to see him. An amazing 49-0 record and a sizeable bank balance can’t buy you general likability.

Frankly, Mayweather’s speech was poor at best, which is ironic considering he is the man known as ‘Money’. His interaction with Dana White left the masses cringing and White bemused.

When it was all done, the audience wanted more of McGregor. By the looks of Mayweather, he wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear. The man who is known for his elusively inside the ring wasn’t avoiding the shots on the stage.

It finished with a face-off, but by then there weren’t too many believing Mayweather’s cold stare. He may have the money, the record and the skills, but he does not have the star power of McGregor.

If LA was 10-9, McGregor took Toronto by a comfortable 10-8.