‘There is a very real chance that he could put him away’ – Former McGregor opponent

If you don't think Conor can KNOCK this guy out, you're an IDIOT - Eddy Alverez

UFC 205 Alvarez v McGregor

When it comes to rating Conor McGregor’s punching power, there are few men who can offer the insight that Eddie Alvarez can.

The pair faced off at UFC 205 where McGregor completely demolished the American MMA star. Prior to that bout Alvarez was insisting that The Notorious’ skills were hyped by the media and that he wasn’t nearly as good, or as strong, as people though.

It appears that that devastating loss has made a believer out of Alvarez. He now views McGregor as a different type of competitor and even went so far to say that he has a great chance in his upcoming bout against Floyd Mayweather.

Speaking on ESPN’s Five Rounds podcast, Alvarez said:
“Conor has about three or four rounds to get this done. And when this comes down to being a technical boxing match – which is usually around round four – it usually goes to the more technical boxer. I think that within those four rounds if you don’t think Conor can knock this guy out, you’re an idiot, or you just don’t know fighting cause it can very well happen.”

“If he doesn’t get it done by then, it could look very one-sided. The technical boxing of Floyd Mayweather is enough to make it look very one-sided for him. But, Conor, there is a very real chance that he could put him away.”

That is a serious U-turn from the man who once compared McGregor’s skills to Santa Claus – he insisted that everyone believed in them, but they were fictional. It appears that the Philadelphia fighter is now a believer.

Perhaps he is vying to get that all important rematch against the Irishman and thinks the charm offensive is the best option. During the interview, the former World Champion said he would love to take on McGregor again.

He said: “I hope so. There are some things I would change, some things I would want to make right and I really hope so. It’s a small probability but if it could, I’d be blessed to be able to get back in there and redeem myself.”

Unfortunately, McGregor has much bigger fish to fry at the moment and it seems the men are on an opposite career trajectory. Eddie is struggling to find a suitable match-up after that fight, while McGregor has the pick of opponents.

Whether the skills and power Alvarez discusses will be enough to take down Mayweather, only time will tell. We do know one thing though – the whole world will be tuned-in to see.

Listen to the interview:

The moment Eddy talks about Mayweather McGregor is 11:26 in the clip below.