What Is McGregor Weight Training?

About McGregor:

Conor McGregor is one of the lightweight champions in ultimate fighting championships (UFC). He is an excellent Irish professional who has signed the UFC. In his boxing period, he won many awards and created many records. He is youngest of 28 years old. He is one of the best fighters in MMA. If you want to know the McGregor weight training method, read this article thoroughly, you can get an idea about weight training methods.

McGregor weight training:

Most of the people would like to have the muscle body. Mostly men’s likes to have six-packs. McGregor’s also like the six pack. Daily, he takes the 23 full extensions of pull-ups in 30 seconds. He practiced these pull-ups in his home itself. Here we discuss about the weight training method of McGregor, they are as follows,

The training method of this McGregor is very different. Most of you think that the training of this MMA is simply lifting the weight, but it is not. This is the smaller portion of weight training method.

Yoga practicing:

The ultimate fighting champions are performing the yoga and gymnastics for weight gaining. You all know that the yoga is one of the powerful exercises as it increases the concentration power. This is one of the main secrets of the McGregor to win the match. He is practicing yoga regularly, so he gets more concentration in the boxing field.


Stretches is more important for fighting. With the continuous practicing of these stretches, your muscles will get tighten, so you can get the muscle body. McGregor does this stretching at least 15 minutes of a day. Stretches are the easy way to gain weight properly.

Fitness forms:

Commonly, there are more exercises to get fit and healthy body. Some of them are as follows,

  • Lunge low:

Place your body in a flat surface and then put right leg forward and then left leg backward. Make sure your right leg is behind your lung. You should do this exercise about one minute per side. After the completion of one minute, you should do the same as on another side.

  • Toe squat:

Choose a flat surface and sit in a squat position. Place your hand in the surface for getting the balance. Your leg should slightly place on the floor. In this exercise, your lower back and then hips are stretched properly. The appropriate time to take to do this exercise is one minute only. You should hold up your body for one minute.

  • Rotation of shoulders:

This is one of the easiest exercises comparing to the other. You can easily do this without any external efforts. You should rotate your arm forward and then backward up to 30 rotations, so your muscles will be relaxed.

  • Circle your hip:

Place your feet from your hip apart and then rotate your hip continuously about 30 seconds and then rotate backward in circular motion. Your hip will get relax.

The above exercises are the most common exercises that McGregor includes in his weight training plan.