McGregor vs. Mayweather Will End In KO

Conor Mcgregor kill mode

Regardless of the victor, this fight will end by knockout. The most unlikely outcome of this fight would be McGregor winning a decision.

There is no way McGregor is going to outpoint the savviest boxer relevant today. Mayweather’s way too experienced, too hard to hit, and too slick. On top of that, McGregor’s cardio is highly questionable, especially in the unfamiliar 12×3 minute round scenario.

All these things combined, and we’re going to see McGregor in kill or be killed mode.

Look for McGregor to come out hot in the first couple of rounds. He’s accustomed to getting the early finish, with 19 of his 21 victories coming by way of first or second round stoppage. He’s not a point fighter. He likes to put pressure on his opponent until they break. Of course, the drawback to this style of fighting is that if an opponent can withstand his early barrage of punches, McGregor will have expended a significant amount of energy with many more rounds to go. We saw this issue exposed when he gassed out against Nate Diaz at UFC 196, after unsuccessfully delivering on his first round knockout prediction.

And this is Floyd “Money” Mayweather we’re talking about! Sure, we don’t know if he’s as durable as Nate Diaz, but only because we rarely see him get hit.

At 49-0, beating every big name thrown at him, it is unlikely that the inexperienced (in terms of boxing) McGregor will be his kryptonite. That being said, if McGregor were to win, it would almost certainly be by knockout in the first three rounds.

If McGregor fails to get the knockout early, his history of cardio issues means his one punch knockout power will be sapped from him in the later rounds, leaving him in Mayweather’s world. Despite not being known as a knockout artist, Mayweather will easily be able to finish the boxing rookie once fatigue sets in. There’s no way this goes the distance.

💰 Best early betting advice: if you’re going to take the heavy underdog McGregor, pick by KO within rounds 1-3. If it goes past round 3, he’s toast.