Mayweather vs McGregor In Numbers

All the numbers for the #MayMac fight set to break all records!

The biggest fight in history, in numbers.
Watch the video above to get the low down from the Totalsports website.


118,000 – Pounds McGregor was fined for throwing a bottle at Nate Diaz ahead of UFC 202 – which delayed the announcement of the Mayweather bout.

314,000 – Cost of the Rolex gifted to Mayweather by the MGM Grand hotel, in pounds.

1,650,000 – The pay-per-view rate for McGregor’s Diaz rematch – most successful non-boxing PPV event in fighting history.

2,350,000 – The most money McGregor has ever made for a single fight – against Diaz at UFC 202.

3,140,000 – Pounds Andre Berto made for LOSING to Mayweather in Money’s last fight.

9,410,000 – Amount Mayweather offered McGregor to fight him earlier this year.

19,500,000 – The number of PPV buys Mayweather has accumulated in his 19-year career.

26,700,000 – McGregor’s career earnings as of June 2017, in GB pounds.