Mayweather diet and workouts

Mayweather is a boxer who knocks down many famous boxers. He was fighting against the boxing champion Pacquiao and wins him. This is a great success in Mayweather life, which makes the world to turn to see him. For the background of all the Mayweather’s success, there are hard workouts and strict diet controls present.

The Mayweather concentrates on his eating items more. To prepare healthy good food he assists a personal cook. His cook takes more care on Mayweather’s food and ingredients to prepare a food.

Here are some highlights from the Mayweather’s food diet:

  • Fried turkey hot dogs which are smothered in barbecue sauce
  • Teriyaki chicken with pineapple Pico de Gallo
  • Pepper steak and yellow rice and braised cabbage
  • Chicken Alfred with the homemade wheat pasta and fresh broccoli
  • Cucumber cups which are stuffed with a spicy crab mousse

With all these things Mayweather drinks more juices which are prepared from the fresh, clean fruits.

He chooses for 1000 plate of baked eggs, candied maple bacon and mango Pico de Gallo.

Mayweather always prefers foods with high protein contents and with low carbs.

In addition to the food, Mayweather focuses on workout too. He continuously does workouts to keep his body stronger and healthier. Mayweather released some of his secret workouts, which help him to achieve the success, that are

  • Swing axes and heavy ropes
  • Run on hills, roads, tracks and trails
  • Develop a superman ability
  • Punch, punch more

Swing axes and heavy ropes:

Mayweather has geared up for the biggest fight of his career by chopping wood with an ax, which is outside his Las Vegas mansion. The throwback training helps to develop the strength endurance and explosive force. His focus and motivation can be nourished by early training sessions.

Run on hills, roads, tracks and trails:

A boxing is just about 16-20 square feet in size and pro boxers need to supreme cardiovascular fitness to last 12 punishing rounds. Mayweather runs 5-8 miles per day on the streets of Las Vegas at late night. He has also taken up swimming to build an extern cardiovascular fitness and muscle endurance without subjecting his joints and tendons to additional stress.

Develop a superhuman ability:

Mayweather keep his body as neutral with grueling gym sessions which are packed with chin-ups, pull-ups, seated rows and wide or narrow grip let pulldowns. He endures the neck-strengthening by drills, which involve raising and lower his head while wearing a head cap attracted by chains to heavy weights.

Punch, punch and punch more:

In addition to all the fitness works, Mayweather training takes place in a ring or on the pads and bags at the dedicated boxing gyms. Mayweather has his own exclusive Mayweather boxing club in Los Vegas.

Most of the fighters use the traditional training methods to improve their boxing skills. Shadow boxing will develop the ability, focus, rhythm and techniques which condition the relevant muscles for sustained activities.