Mayweather Bizarrely Attempted to Close the Height Difference

Mayweather Jr Height Shoes

During the New York stage of the world promotional tour, Conor McGregor was inevitably bemused by Floyd Mayweather’s outrageous attempt to play mind games. The American pound-for-pound king wore thickly-soled trainers just so he had the opportunity to look deep into the Dubliners eyes. However, it did not go unnoticed by those watching around the world, those in attendance at the Barclays Center, and more importantly, McGregor himself.

Mayweather will sacrifice both height and reach in the bout against McGregor, and the UFC star made sure everyone remembered that at the London press conference the following day. But, how much effect that has on the outcome of the fight will soon be revealed, as the pair now have just 6 weeks remaining of preparation time.

At the SSE Arena, The Notorious said, “Mate, you’re 40 get that f*****g phone out of your hand like a f*****g kid. 40 year old man, what the f**k? He was wearing high heels yesterday! Check the face-off picture from yesterday, and check it from the day before, proper high heels that b***h was wearing! You should of worn them on the first day you stupid baldy t**t.”

Conor McGregor’s trainer, John Kavanagh, also expressed a light-hearted opinion on Mayweather’s antics on twitter.