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Do you remember Floyd Mayweather jr vs Manny Pacquiao? Well forget about that super fight, all of its records are foreseen to be beaten by the next up coming super fight… Mayweather McGregor.

The most famous MMA superstar, possibly the most famous athlete in the world, Conor McGregor, facing off the two years in retirement boxing legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

Latest Ladbrokes Head To Head Mayweather vs McGregor Odds

Floyd Mayweather Jr
Conor McGregor
Many believe that this will be the fight of the century, while sceptics think Conor McGregor will simply get dismantled.

Whatever happens, you could make your experience even more wonderful by taking advantage of the Ladbrokes free bet Mayweather vs McGregor.

Ladbrokes Betting Mayweather McGregor

More about Ladbrokes

They are not only one of the oldest online bookies but also hold a major role in the online betting business.

The company dates back to the 18th century and is still going strong. So how does Ladbrokes differ from other bookmakers?

First off, the odds for Mayweather vs McGregor are decent.

As you all know, generally the higher the odds on your selected fighter, the better, Ladbrokes odds on the Mayweather McGregor fight have always been competitive.

Their platform is insanely easy to use. All of the navigation options are smooth and precise, plus you can find anything you are looking for with just a few taps.

There is no way you will get lost finding the category or a particular bet type while looking at the boxing market, providing it is available.

Promotions from Ladbrokes

You can claim an exclusive $500 bet bonus when betting on this event.

How this works is – you deposit an amount of up to $500 and you will receive the same amount in bonus bets.

Ladbrokes McGregor vs Mayweather

Ladbrokes was one of the first bookmakers to react to the super fight deal made between the fighters and was able to act instantly opening their markets for the billed super fight.

Ladbrokes Head to Head Markets

There are a range of bets you could can place on the fight, obviously, the direct option, head to head – who will end up winning, as well if the fight will go the distance.

Another popular betting option is way of victory for either fighter – TKO, Decision or Draw.

Ladbrokes Mayweather McGregor Site

Now comes the cool part. You could bet on each single round and its winner.

Those bets are decided upon the score cards of the referees at the end of the match. You could either bet on the rounds individually or in groups of Round 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12.

What you might find missing while utilising your Ladbrokes free bet on Mayweather vs McGregor is the ability to bet on a specific round for TKO, Disqualification or Doctor Stoppage.

While those options are not available, the odds for all other alternatives are quite high compared to other bookmakers and will make it worth your while to bet with Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes Bonus Bet Maywether vs McGregor πŸ’΅

If you choose to use Ladbrokes as your bookie of choice for the Mayweather McGregor super fight, then you are in luck!

You can claim an exclusive $501 bonus bet with Ladbrokes going to the following link:

$500 Ladbrokes Mayweather vs McGregor Bonus Bet

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Ladbrokes Summary

View the odds and choose from a number of betting markets for the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor super fight and other boxing matchups. Ladbrokes is a great bookie to select when betting on the Mayweather McGregor fight, what's more, have one of the biggest Bonus Bet offers on the market. Sign up now!