‘I am the new God of boxing’ – Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor makes a massive pre-fight statement

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When it comes to outlandish statements, Conor McGregor has never been one to shy away. However, unfortunately for Floyd Mayweather, he has always been the sort of guy who backs up those statements with amazing skills and a clinical work ethic.

Still, even by the Irishman’s standards, the statements he has made in the lead up to August 26th’s super fight have been large. For instance, in a recent press meeting, he described himself as a deity of pugilism.

He said: “Floyd can talk about whatever he wants to talk about. He can talk any kind of trash he wants because he’s talking to the new God of boxing. The Irish are rolling in and whenever we roll in, we take over. It was amazing to see all the Irish fans out today. It’s going to be a great spectacle.”

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With the fight only days away, that’s one way to up expectations. That being said, The Notorious one has never been the sort of man who has been afraid of high standards. He has brought himself from under $200 per week on the welfare to a $100m in the biggest fight of our times.

He added to his ‘God’ jibe by insisting that Floyd would not be able for him when the pair step into the T-Mobile arena on Saturday night. Floyd has responded by insisting the boxing match will not go the distance, however it has been evident that he lacks the verbal nous of his Irish competitor.

McGregor said: “I am my own man and I feel I am superior to Floyd. When it comes to Saturday night, he will not be prepared for me. I cannot wait to get in the on Saturday night and perform in front of my fans and take my place at the top of this sport.

McGregor has dominated the world tour and the press run-up and that will no doubt go down as one of the key factors should he cause an upset against Mayweather on Saturday. Even if he doesn’t though, his verbal skills and mind warfare have certainly brought a whole new element to the fight game.

God of boxing?’ The answer is ‘maybe not’, but McGregor certainly is a God at trash talk and we are sure that Floyd believes that too.

This fight is going to be a clash of two titans.