Four day publicity tour starting THIS WEEK!

Mayweather vs McGregor Press Tour Dates

McGregor Mayweather Press Tour
Mayweather vs McGregor Press Tour
McGregor Mayweather Press Tour
Mayweather vs McGregor Press Tour

This week will see UFC superstar Conor McGregor, and boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr begin a four-day world promotion tour to add even further excitement for their $500 million showdown in August.

This interesting four-day, four-city, and three-country world tour will gift the two fighters an opportunity to meet face to face numerous times before they finally step into the ring.

The pair will no doubt be eager to fight by now, but must first journey from Los Angeles to London, via Toronto and New York, to feature in live shows and press conferences building up to the final destination, Las Vegas.

Dana White, UFC President, told reporters when quizzed about the tour: “Staples Centre is sold out, and by sold out, I mean we did tickets and there are no more seats left. Barclays sold out. We had to get a bigger venue in Toronto, and we’re doing Wembley in England. It’s going to be crazy.”

Great news for fight fans; entry to the events are free, however, tickets must be obtained in order to gain access.

Las Vegas (US): Staples Centre – Tuesday July 11

Toronto (Canada): Sony Centre for the Performing Arts – Wednesday, July 12

New York (US): Barclays Centre, Thursday July 13

London (UK): The SSE Arena, Friday July 14