Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather
Nickname: Money
Age: 40 (born: 24-02-1977)
Height: 5’8” (172.72 cm)
Weight: 155lbs (70.31kgs)
Reach: 72” (183 cm)
Stance: Orthodox
Wins: 49
Losses: 0
Knock Outs: 26
Draws: 0
Prize Money: $700,000,000+
Last Fight Replay: Mayweather vs Berto
Biggest Odds: $3.50

Floyd Mayweather wasn’t always the 49-0 fenom he is now. There was a time when the greatest defensive boxer of all-time almost seemed beatable.  

In fact, he did lose – in the 1996 Olympic semi-final against a man called Serafim Todorov. Although this fight was amateur, we are sure it still helped create the professional boxer that Floyd Mayweather is today.  

After that Olympic bronze medal, Floyd decided it was time to join the professional ranks. His first fight at that level was against Roberto Apodaca and it didn’t take long for fans to realize they had a star on their hands.

Mayweather finished the fight in the second round.  

It only took two years before Mayweather won his first ever world title in professional boxing. In 1998, he claimed the WBC super featherweight world title via an eight round TKO of his opponent, Genaro Hernandez. He won fighter of the year in the same year too.  

If the boxing world wasn’t taking notice up to this point, this was the extra exclamation point at the end of Floyd’s emphatic statement.  

Mayweather continued to finish opponents, not letting out of the ring controversies affect his boxing performance.

The man who was then known as Prettyboy even hired, fired, then rehired his father Floyd Sr as his manager, without losing a single ounce of his mojo in the ring.  

When Floyd was 23, he faced the toughest competition of his career up to that point – Diego Corrales. Up to that point, Corrales was unbeaten, but he didn’t stand a chance against Money Mayweather. He won every single round up to the point where Corrales cornerman through the towel in.  

Floyd then went looking for new challenges in different weight classes; he defeated the likes of Jose Luis Castillo in Lightweight, hammered Demarcus Corley in light welterweight and beat world-class boxers such as Zeb Judah in welterweight.

Then he moved into light middle weight and defeated another one the world’s best boxers in Oscar De La Hoya. Being capable of such a phenomenal rise through the weights indicates how technically brilliant he was and perhaps, still is.  

All-in-all, Floyd Mayweather won world titles in five different weight classes. That is serious progression from his amateur days, where he had to settle for the bronze medal at the Olympics.  

After the De La Hoya fight, Mayweather retired for the first time, stating that he had nothing left to prove in the world of boxing. It was true, he didn’t, but it still wasn’t too long before he returned to the ring.  

He returned with a controlled win over Ricky Hatton, before retiring and returning once more. On this return he defeated Shane Mosely and Juan Manuel Marquez, among others.  

Then the biggest fight of his career came – a bout against Manny Pacquiao. The fight wasn’t as exciting as everyone expected it to be, but nonetheless, Mayweather came out on top.  

His record was 48-0. He stepped into the ring once more to face off against Andre Berto.
After an easy win, Money Mayweather indicated that retirement was on the cards.  

However, he just couldn’t resist a comeback bout – now his record and his reputation are on the line, against The Notorious Conor McGregor.  

49-0 versus 0-0, but it’s not just any 0-0, it’s McGregor’s 0-0.