Floyd Mayweather food diet

The milestone which changes the Mayweather life is boxing against the Pacquiao. For this match, Mayweather prepares himself a lot. He concentrates on his training, daily activities and particularly on food and diet.

Mayweather has a personal chef, who lives near to Mayweather in Las Vegas. The chef is a woman, who is always available for Mayweather for 24 hours and 7 days a week. In terms of food Mayweather eats food only after the food is whipped from the scratch.

Mayweather likes fresh foods only. He does not like anything from the bottles and cans. Because the foods in bottles and cans have different preservatives, which are not healthy for the body.

Non-veg items used in Mayweather’s food:

The favorite dish of Mayweather is spaghetti and tacos. When he prepares for a match then he prefers the food, which has high-level of protein and with no carbs. The chicken, beef, fish, and turkey are preferred for food but not the pork. Mayweather is a big fan of oxtail and fishes like salmon and tilapia. He does not like sweets more and also he does not like to have twizzles.

Liquid drinks prefer by Mayweather:

He likes to drink more juice. The cook prepared lot juice daily and which are only prepared from the organic fruits only. When Mayweather is tired of filling his body with minerals and vitamins, his cook prepares a juice from the vegetables. Mayweather wants fresh fruits for his juice so that he ordered a lot of fresh fruits daily. Mayweather prefers organic spinach, kale, ginger, beets, carrots and sweet fruits like apples, oranges, red pears, watermelons and pineapples for his juice. Mostly he chooses the fruits with its seeds because the seeds also have some vitamins.

Fast food items used in Mayweather’s food:

Mayweather like to drink a little soda once in a while and having cheat meals.

He is a big lover of fast food items, especially he loves the fat burger. But he always eliminates the burger in his food for diet. When the fight gets closer he follows the more strict diet.

Mayweather likes to eat egg-white omelets. He also likes to have many vegetables in his food. When he finished the training, he calls the chef, so now it’s time for the cook to work. The cook always tries to cook with low carbs.

Oils usage in Mayweather’s food:

The cook of Mayweather always prefer the healthy oils for cooking. She uses oils like olive oil, coconut oil, and grape seed oil. She does not cook with butter. If she wants to include the butter in the food, she just goes for pure organic butter only and not for grass-fed butter.

Mayweather has fueling himself with only finest organic foods and drugs. In early career, Mayweather’s diet consisted of soda, pizza, and burger. But nowadays, his cook prepared him only the food for his super fight against the challenges.

Mayweather is always eating healthier so that he is wealthier than ever.