Floyd Mayweather bench press

Floyd Mayweather is a boxer who is trained to build his body stronger and healthier. Mayweather is a hardworking man who puts his hard work on building his body and developing strength in his boxing skills.

For building the body shape Mayweather undergoes many types of workouts and he goes to the gym continuously to check his strength.

Mayweather Bench Press

The bench press is an upper body strength training exercise, which consists of pressing a weight upwards from the supine position.  A barbell is used to hold the weight when the boxer moves the weight in an upward direction. But sometimes a pair of dumbbells can also be used for bench press.

The sportsmen, gym users, and boxers continuously use this bench press to increase their strength. And also the bench press checks the strength of the men. The Mayweather regularly goes for a gym to get prepared to fight against the other boxers. He uses this bench press to check his strength.

If we want to know the strength of Mayweather, then the level of competition speaks about his strength. He has been able to fight against top 5 opponents exclusively at a time. He had won the welterweight title from the Baldo mir.

He wins against all the top most boxers like Cotto, Maidana, Carlos Hernandez, Jose Luis Castillo and Zab Judah. Mayweather has got lots of titles by winning the opponents.

Even though bench press checks the strength of the boxer, there are some mistakes which are done by most of the boxers including Mayweather. That are,

  • Shadow boxing with dumbbells
  • Avoiding the weight rooms
  • Insufficient stretching
  • Too much non-specific ab work

Shadow boxing with dumbbells

Many fighters use shadow box with 1-2kg dumbbells, even Floyd Mayweather does this. This type of exercise ruins the fine movement patterns and also place a harmful stress on the shoulders. A general exercise like incline bench press is safer for strengthen the arms and shoulders.

Avoiding the weight rooms:

Most of the boxers and their trainers believe in weight training, which will slow down the boxer power. In general, power is defined as a force from x distance which is / by time, and help to achieve a high level of power and strength. Weight training is a faster and effective way to develop the muscles.

Insufficient stretching:

The heavyweight boxers are, often tight. The structural imbalances will increase the risk of injuries and performance. Most of the boxers are not know how to stretch. They spend only a few minutes for a day on mobility work. Mayweather performs dynamic stretching before a workout as a warm-up.

Too much of non-specific ab work:

Ab training is overrated for boxing, and in ab training boxer perform is never balanced. When we perform 1000 crunches it may be hard to work, but it results in structural imbalances. To create a balance in the trunk in a muscular trunk set, the boxer needs to perform exercises for lower back muscles.

Mayweather tries with bench press and trying to avoid the mistakes to become a better boxer than now.