Crazy SPORTSBET Bets on Mayweather vs McGregor


#BYOMayMac Mayweather McGregor
#BYOMayMac Mayweather McGregor

Punters allowed to BYO bets on fight by making requests!

$7,000 bet on McGregor to throw first punch within 10 seconds and win by KO in opening 4 rounds could return $105,000

BYOMayMac Sportsbet Bets

Online bookmaker has opened the floor to its customers, who can request any bet they want in the Mayweather v McGregor fight and no suggestion is considered too random or outrageous.

One punter has asked for $7,000 on McGregor to throw the first punch of the fight within 10 seconds, plus Conor to win by KO in Rounds 1-4 for a potential return of $105,000.

867 people have taken the $101 on offer for Mayweather to be knocked out in both Round 1 and Round 2 and McGregor to win by KO in Round 3!

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Sportsbet punters can also get $251 for Mayweather to bite McGregor’s ear, or $101 for both fighters to be knocked out simultaneously.

“We couldn’t be bothered thinking of novelty bets for the fight so we’ve asked our punters to do the hard work for us and to be honest, they’ve done a much better job than we could have. We’ll know who to ring next time we’re hiring!” said’s Christian Jantzen.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr v Conor McGregor
$1.27 Floyd Mayweather Jr
$4.00 Conor McGregor

#BYOMayMac Bets
$4.00 A Random South Sydney NRL fan to be shown on the coverage inside the Arena
$6.00 McGregor to win by KO within 4 rounds
$7.00 McGregor to punch the ref
$9.00 McGregor to kick Mayweather
$15 McGregor to throw the first punch of the fight within 10 seconds: McGregor to win by KO/TKO Rds 1-4
$41 McGregor to attempt a head kick on Mayweather
$51 Mayweather to win within 30 seconds
$51 McGregor to not land a single punch
$101 Both fighters to be knocked out simultaneously
$151 First punch in the first round to cause KO
$151 Mayweather to win the first 11 Rounds and McGregor to win by KO in 12th Round
$151 McGregor to KO Mayweather in 10 seconds of Round 1
$251 Mayweather to bite McGregor’s ear and be DQ’d

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