Conor’s not just fighting Mayweather he’s fighting boxing – UFC legend

McGregor fighting for MMA, the UFC and against Boxing?! Perhaps

Mayweather McGregor Presser

There’s a lot of opinions knocking around regarding Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather. Many people think McGregor will win and far more think he will lose.

However, one man who has an interesting take on the fight is Dan Hardy. The former UFC fighter had a great career and knows the game inside out. He is covering the fight for Sky Sports and thinks that McGregor is taking on much more than just one opponent.

Hardy said: “One thing that stuck out for me during the press tour is that Conor doesn’t necessarily feel like he’s against Floyd Mayweather in this fight.”

“I think he feels like he’s against boxing, because all the criticism and disrespect that’s coming toward Conor in the buildup to this fight is coming from respected people in the boxing community and people who work for Showtime.”

It’s true that McGregor has faced some serious criticism from the boxing community. He knocked some of that by releasing incredible footage from the Paulie Malignaggi spar. McGregor unsettled the former world champion and even knocked him down.

Malignaggi said it was a pushdown, but it was clear that it wasn’t. That it was a knock down, despite Malignaggi’s protests.

Hardy added that McGregor will enjoy this challenge. He added: “I think there is some relief on the boxing side because Conor did decide to call out the biggest name in their sport.”

“As much as the boxing community may hate Floyd Mayweather, and I’m sure hates him even more for putting boxing in this position, they’ll be relieved that he’s still the best boxer on the planet and their representative.

Most of the bookmakers don’t give McGregor much of a chance. Hardy thinks that if McGregor wins, the implications will be far wider than bookies simply paying out on the Irishman. He thinks that a loss for Mayweather would be awful for boxing as a whole.

He added: “If Conor happens to put him down, he’ll have done what 49 boxers have not been able to do, and that’s a massive hit to boxing in general – especially given the fact that Mayweather is the greatest defensive boxer we’ve ever seen.”

There is no doubt that the 49-0 representative of one sport would be far more than just a little bit embarrassed if he lost to the 0-0 of another. Stranger things have happened though.