Conor McGregor Paleo Diet

Over the past year, conor McGregor has taken the MMA world by storm to the extent that has now become a household name to those unfamiliar with the sport. As good a technical fighter McGregor approach to fitness and nutrition is also massively integral to his success. George who counts McGregor as a client is a nutritionist, gym owner, and marine a pretty impressive. Lockhart has opened up about his work with McGregor and you can learn from it.

Conor McGregor paleo diet tips:

The majority will have a weakness when it comes to sweet treats. Given the increasing number of dessert-only restaurants cropping up and things that are not going to get much easier. You can definitely enjoy the treat but this becomes problematic when you over indulge. Lockhart stresses the need to reduce the sugar consumption due to its drug-like effect.

Sugar craves sugar. The more sugar you eat the more you crave. Even when you are not hungry and you have that fits a bit of chocolate and then you are going to want more. Once you start removing sugar from your diet and gradually the effects wear off. Removing sugar from your diet may seem easier said than done.

A great trick is to take a liter of water and a teaspoon of cinnamon. Psyllium husk is a kind of fiber and it helps to reduce the appetite. Cinnamon will also reduce the insulin spike that you should get from consuming sugar.

Conor McGregor handpicks paleo meal deliveries:

Conor a month ago ahead of his next fight in Dublin and supplying him with a personalised weekly meal plan that include breakfast, lunch, dinner and paleo carbohydrates in the form of mashed sweet potato with mixed herbs, extra protein in the form of fish of mashed sweet potato with mixed herbs in the form of sugar free paleo treats.

Like conor, you have to fight against the establishment of food businesses that something better than what have to offer here at home. Conor handpicks all the competition and called paleo suppliers even though there only 80% paleo and good as making it into the UFC as an MMA fighter.


There is no other meal plan supplier in the country that can design and prepare a custom fit plan for your goals. Conor’s coaching team hand selected solely dedicated meal planner in preparation for his fights. This is due to the ability to prepare and deliver carefully macro split and portioned meals and customized to personal taste for his fight camps.

It is essential that deliver a plan that not only maximizes his energy output but also allows him to prepare for a more extreme weight that cut five days from the weight ins. Like Conor himself, you are young, ambitious and proud to be Irish. UFC by supplying him with a customized, portion controlled and chef standard meal plan each week during his fight camp.