4 Reasons McGregor Can “Shock The World” #MayMac


#ShockTheWorld #MayMac
#ShockTheWorld #MayMac

Irishman Connor McGregor has already been written off by boxing greats Mike Tyson, Freddie Roach and Amir Khan.

Nobody expects him to win. We’ve listed 4 main reasons how Conor McGregor can cause the greatest upset in boxing (possibly sports?) history!


“I’m going to knock him out inside four rounds mark my words”

You should always fear a man who has nothing to lose.

This is a free shot at glory for Conor McGregor. If he wins he will be able to say that he took down one of, if not, the greatest boxers of all time. If McGregor loses he can easily spin it to say that he wasn’t afraid to fight out side of his “true fighting sport”, a man that no other professional boxer had ever defeated.


“I don’t fear him. I don’t fear his limited set of fighting.”

If there is one area that Floyd Mayweather cannot match the Irishman, and it’s trash talk.

Watch the MayMac World Tour, it’s clear that Conor McGregor has more fans and is running the show. McGregor is clearly not scared of Mayweather, watching the pre-fight interviews you sense he is convinced he will win, not only picking the round but claiming KO too.


“The movement, the power, the ferociousness – he’s not experienced this”

They say that it only takes one punch to land the KO. Conor McGregor, as a technician of multiple fighting styles, may have the ability and skill to shake it up with his creativity.

Providing that McGregor is defensively sound (still a big ask) in the Boxing ring he has nothing to lose by taking risks to trying land a huge “haymaker” blow on Mayweather.

McGregor reflected on Mayweather’s past opponents as ‘he’s fought people who have shied away from him’ and there is no doubt that he will not make that same mistake. Conor McGregor analyses his opponents like a true predator, make no mistake when McGregor says he’s analysed every single hit Floyd Mayweather has taken… He will have.


McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh has explained that ‘his understanding of range, his understanding of how to move is excellent’.

One area that works in McGregor’s favour is that he has never been desperate to turn a UFC fight into a wrestling match, he is very comfortable on his feet.

As McGregor pointed out himself, he is severely limiting his own skillset and he will have to be very wary of spacing in the ring.

In UFC he knows that he can use his spinning kick to hurt an opponent when they are within range and can keep his hands down with that knowledge. He has the natural endurance to see the fight out and won’t be overawed by the spectacle of the event.

The Irishman may not fear losing but he won’t want to be embarrassed early. Expect McGregor to approach the first round cautiously and work himself into the fight.

It will take a smart fighter producing a calculated performance with bursts of brilliance for the Notorious to win.